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Heavy Duty Hydraulic Low Profile Floor Trolley Jack/Quick Lift Floor Jack for Truck

Hydraulic Floor Jack
Material: Steel/Aluminum
Vehicle Type: ATV. Heavy Duty/Commercial, Passenger Vehicle
Drive: Hydraulic
Colour: customized
Package: Colour box+Pallet
Customized label and box available
  • TL061081

  • TL

Top-Rated Low-Profile Quick Lift Floor Jacks for Low-Clearance Vehicles

A floor jack is a mechanical or hydraulic device designed to lift heavy objects, typically vehicles, off the ground for maintenance, repairs, or other purposes.  Floor jacks are indispensable tools in automotive and mechanical work, providing the necessary lifting power and support for a wide range of tasks.

Portable Floor Jack Feature

  • High quality strong.

  • Designed specifically for lowered vehicles and custom applications

  • Simple strong and functional design

  • Twin piston rocket lift feature brings lifting arm into contact with jacking point in 3-4 strokes.

  • Universal design release mechanism provides safe, controllable lowering of the vehicle.

  • Heavy duty strengthened chassis for optimum rigidity under load.

  • Built-in one piece hydraulic unit with pump-through action designed to prevent the handle locking at maximum ram extension.

  • Safety valve prevents overloading.

  • Long, lasting and durable construction for a long service life.

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  • floor jack

Floor Jack Specifications and lifting range

Capacity Min H. Lift H. Max H. Weight
T mm mm mm kg
2 130 200 330 8
2 135 180 315 7
2 125 175 300 6.5
2 145 150 295 5.5
2 135 665 800 58
3 140 365 505 36.5
3 135 365 500 30
3 135 365 500 28
5 100 420 520 45

How to use a floor jack?(Floor Jack Operation)

Here's a general guide to floor jack usage:

  1. Choose the Right Jack: Select a floor jack that matches the weight of the vehicle or load you intend to lift. Check the lifting capacity of the jack and ensure it's suitable for the task.

  2. Choose a Level Surface: Place the vehicle or load on a flat and stable surface to prevent the jack from tipping or rolling.

  3. Locate Lifting Points: Refer to your vehicle's owner's manual to find the recommended lifting points. These are usually located along the frame or undercarriage. Avoid lifting near sensitive areas like plastic components or the engine.

  4. Prepare the Area: Clear the area around the vehicle of any obstacles. Ensure there's enough space for you to operate the jack safely.

  5. Position the Jack: Position the jack's lifting pad directly under the designated lifting point. Make sure the pad is centered and secure before lifting.

  6. Pump the Handle: If it's a hydraulic jack, insert the handle into the pump mechanism and start pumping. If it's a mechanical jack, begin turning the handle to raise the load.

  7. Lift the Load: Slowly pump the handle or turn the crank to lift the vehicle. Watch for any signs of instability or uneven lifting. Stop immediately if you notice any issues.

  8. Check Stability: Once the load is lifted, gently shake the vehicle to ensure it's stable on the jack. If it wobbles or feels unsteady, lower it and reposition the jack.

  9. Place Jack Stands: For added safety, once the vehicle is lifted to the desired height, place jack stands under the recommended support points. This provides a stable and secure base in case the jack fails.

  10. Perform Maintenance: With the vehicle securely lifted and supported, you can perform the necessary maintenance or repairs.

  11. Lower the Vehicle: When you're done, remove the jack stands and slowly release the valve (if it's a hydraulic jack) or turn the crank in the opposite direction to lower the vehicle.

  12. Remove the Jack: Carefully remove the jack from under the vehicle.

How to add oil for floor jack?

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