What’s the Advantages of Hydraulic Jack?

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What’s the Advantages of Hydraulic Jack?

A hydraulic Jack is a Jack that uses a plunger or a hydraulic cylinder as a rigid top lift. Simple lifting equipment is generally only equipped with lifting mechanisms to lift heavy weights. Hydraulic jacks are simple in construction, light in weight and easy to carry. Hydraulic jacks are widely used in power, chemical, steel, bridge and machinery enterprises. They can be used for equipment lifting, disaster relief, power maintenance, bridge maintenance, heavy lifting, Foundation settlement, ship construction, etc. They are also suitable for fine-tuning operations. For example, it is used in small gaps and high space constraints. Now I’ll introduces the advantages of hydraulic jack and the check method of jack in order to let more people know some knowledge about hydraulic jack.

hydraulic Jack

1.The Advantages Of Hydraulic Jack

 (1) Hydraulic jacks with sliding tables can be slightly adjusted back and forth, or they can be used in combination
        (2) Hydraulic Jack with polyester rubber wheel can be slightly adjusted back and forth

(3) Hydraulic jacks can operate jacks to move weights through the handle

(4) Hydraulic jacks are equipped with anti-overload safety valves, which are safer during operation and they can be used with pumps.

2. Check Method Of Jack

 (1) When the pressure tester is used for calibration, we install the Jack in the geometric center position of the pressure plate under the tester, then start the tester, raise the pressure plate around 50mm to eliminate the weight effect of the Jack, Then zero the dial pointer for the tester reading.

(2) Raise the Jack piston about 100mm, and then move the pressure plate of the tester close to the Jack piston and let it formally enter the calibration state.

 (3) The direction of operation of the piston shall be the same as that of the actual working steering wheel. According to the actual working needs, the Jack tester may be used. When the Jack is supplied with an oil pump, the feed should be slow.

(4) In the formal check, the load value of the test machine shall be read out according to the pre-determined load level difference, and then the read value of the Jack oil gauge shall be read and recorded at the same time until the specified value required for the check is repeated 2 times. The average of the above two readings is used as the final check.

(5) When we use the reflector frame check, the Jack should be installed in the geometric center position of the pressure plate under the reflector frame, and then we will install the force sensor or pressure ring in the center position of the Jack piston and raise the Jack piston to about 50mm. The pressure ring is adjusted to the initial reading and then checked according to the load difference determined in advance. The force sensor readings are read first, and the readings of the oil gauge are read out at the top of each catty. Repeat 2 times, the average of the above 2 readings is the final check value.

hydraulic Jack

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