Customer Case
South Africa customer
Transportation company
The customer is a large auto parts manufacturer and distributor in South Africa. We knew each other by a mutual friend in Canton Fair 2013. Because this customer’s business interests included a wide range of products and services, our products were within the scope of their needs, and we exchanged contact information with each other. After two weeks, they wanted to establish the business relationship by email. At first, they wanted to know more about our products. As a new partner, the customer asked us to provide the general specification of samples they needed, including webbing sling and cargo lashing. The customer was satisfied with the sample, so they gave the first order. When they received the goods, we tried to contact with them to get the feedback. After one mouth’s preparation, due to the reasonable price and the good quality, they gave us a larger order. The customer placed an order for 3 containers. After this successful order, the customer increased their trust in our company and factory, and continued to order from us. Now they are one of our biggest clients. We have also invited these clients to visit our factory in China many times. Even now, this customer continues placing orders and maintaining good cooperative relations with us.
Europe customer 
The customer is a large Polish supplier of truck fittings, which provides various parts and services to the auto industry. They also provide training services for transportation companies’ managers. They found our company from the International Platform in 2016. The customer sent an inquiry through the platform and we sent a simple introduction about our company with our best quotation. The customer gave us the opportunity to send samples according to their requirements. Then the customer sent us a new inquiry a few months later. We confirmed the details and got the first order. Our trial order was very successful. After that, we established a long-term friendly business relationship. We think that being proactive about customer service is essential for any business to survive and thrive.
German customer
XXX tool
The client is a large German tool manufacturer and distributor. This customer is recognized by LinkedIn, because our company usually has SNS promotion, customers knew that we have hardware and tools production, and then consult our product content.   After our sample of the products arrived, the customer said that the product quality is very good. The demand for this product is relatively large, and the variety is very good. At the same time, they gave a list of purchasing requirements, and hoped that we could provide a unified quotation.  It took us almost one month to ask the factories and related businesses to collect the best and most suitable product information and quotations for our clients. The customer was very satisfied and didn't have any doubt about the price after the order was placed. After the first list of goods arrived, the customer established a close relationship with us. So far a good partnership has been maintained.
Top Lifting is a manufactures of high-quality lifting and lashing products. We have an in-house team with qualified fabricators and sewing
specialists. Our testing equipment ensures that rated capacities are met with the standard. 

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