Binding Belt
Is also called cargo banding belt, which is used for fixed functions in the transportation, moving, loading  or storage  of goods, they are locking, not falling off, safe and reliable, portable and easy to operate, protecting object  from injury. It can be applied to all kinds of environments according to different hooks.
Application areas:
Military equipment, logistics transportation, machinery  manufacturing, household binding, recreational facilities.
Car towing strap:
Car towing strap is a traction rope used by other vehicles when the vehicle is faulty by its own power while driving.
Application areas:
Automotive industry, can be properly divided into small household car traction, freight truck traction, special models traction.
Sometimes, you may be in a condition where you need to help out a friend or family member by towing their car. Except for concerning that the car may break free, you need to know that by incorrectly using tow straps, you could cause damage to the vehicle that you are using to do the towing. Once you have learned the correct method of using tow straps, it will allow you to avoid spending your hard earned cash on hiring a costly towing service to do the job for you. 
The following are the steps that you should do in order to safely tow a vehicle with tow straps:
 Firstly, make sure the tow strap you are using is made out of a nylon webbing that is strong. 
 Secondly, locate the tow hook on the car you are about to tow. You can’t connect the tow strap to the vehicle’s frame unless there are no tow hooks on the vehicle.
 Thirdly, connect the tow hook to one end of the strap. Be sure the hook’s open end is facing downward If there are metal hooks on your strap.
 Fouthly, park your towing car close to the vehicle you are towing, and attach the strap’s opposite end to it. 
 Next,drive carefully as you are towing the vehicle.
 Lastly,slow down gradually and come to a stop after you have arrived in an area that is safe. It’s better to have sonmeone sit in the car to controll the car at any time.
Cargo securing equipment is composed of a fixing belt and an active belt. 
The fixing belt is made up of a fixing weave strap, protective kits, tension er and connecting hook. The active strap is made up of an active weave belt, protective kits, tensioner and connecting hook. Inserting the free end of active belt into the two semi-axis of the fixing belt’s tensioner, this is the assembly process.
The binding belt is made of nylon or polyester weave belt to bind, fasten the goods, compared with steel wire, rope and twine. It is easier and more convenient to operate. It can operate automatically and fast, reduce the labor intensity, improve the labor condition, get rid of operating risks, improve the stability of operating , eliminate accidents and ensure the safety of transportation.
All kinds of metal devices are made of iron, steel, aluminum and other metals by forging, calendering, cutting.
It includes all kinds of artificial, electric, pneumatic, cutting tools, Vehicle maintenance tools, farm tools, lifting tools, measuring tools, tool machines, cutting tools, clamping apparatus, knife tools, molds, drill, grinding wheel, polishing machine, tool accessories, measuring tools and tools for painting.
Most of the hardware tools selling in the whole world are produced in China and then exported to other countries. China has been the major supplier of the hardware tools. As a country who is good at processing and exporting the hardware tools, the metal markets are mainly distributed in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangzhou and Shandong provinces. Among them, Zhejiang market is the most prosperous area.
In the market of hardware tools, while the number of new houses in America’s housing market is increasing, there is still a large number of unoccupied houses, which brings a great opportunities in housing renovation market. With the generalization of cars, the demands of hardware tools usage for auto aftermarket is increasing. In Germany, the most comfortable and labor-saving tools are most popular.
Materials used for fittings of lifting belt are generally tenacious and strong. Most of these materials are made of steel and the testing process is very strict. The product inspecting is entirely through magnetic particle testing and then 2000 fatigue tests.
Almost all the products will be tested at 2.5 times the working force, and each batch of products will be sampled for breaking tensile tests. As a result, we have confident about our products. There are many kinds of components of crane belt, which are suitable for different working conditions and collocation with different sling.         
Products are widely used in the field: factories, wharves and horizontal hoisting, etc.
Top Lifting is a manufactures of high-quality lifting and lashing products. We have an in-house team with qualified fabricators and sewing
specialists. Our testing equipment ensures that rated capacities are met with the standard. 

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