Company Profile

"Your load, our responsibility - Trust us for your lifting and lashing needs!"

Established in 2009, Top Lifting is a leading supplier of lifting and lashing products in China.We are selling lifting chain and components, lashing chain and tie tools,lifting rigging hardware, round sling, webbing sling, ratchet strap and fittings, hoist, lifting clamp, wire rope fittings etc to all the world.
  Lifting Chain and lifting chain hook
  Polyester lifting Slings and Tie Downs
  Blocks and Lifting Clamps
  Shackle, thimble, wire rope Clip
  Turnbuckles and Eyebolts etc
  Hoist and Beam Clamp
  Hand Pallet and Winch
At our company, we're dedicated to producing lifting and lashing equipment that meets the highest standards of quality and durability. We understand that our products are used in high-risk environments and that people's safety depends on the reliability of our equipment. That's why we use only the best materials and manufacturing processes to ensure that our products are of the highest possible quality.Quality is the basis of the trust that our customers cooperate w us, we are committed to working every effort to maintain and further enhance quality so our customers always continue to choose our products.
As you explore Top Lifting website, you'll get an idea of our range of products and services.If you don't see the product you're looking for, please request a product quote from the Top Lifting sales office directly.
We thank you in advance for your consideration of our business and certainly look forward to working with you.