Reasons and solutions for oil leakage from jacks

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What are the main reasons for the oil leakage of the jack?

1. Unreasonable sealing: For some jacks, the sealing work is not done well in the production process, or the sealing ring is worn, which will cause the oil leakage of the jack.

2. The quality of the jack product is poor: the selection of materials is not well checked during the production process, so that the product quality cannot meet the requirements of the specification, and oil leakage is prone to occur in the later stage.

3. Improper operation: This includes overload use and illegal use, which can easily damage the internal parts of the jack and cause oil leakage.

How to solve the oil leakage problem of the jack?

Reason 1: Unreasonable selection of seals

The manufacturer did not take into account the compatibility of hydraulic oil and sealing materials, load conditions, extreme pressure, working speed too small, changes in ambient temperature, etc. when designing hydraulic jacks, so the hydraulic system leaked directly or indirectly to varying degrees. .

Reason 2: The connection part of the jack is not checked

Under atmospheric pressure, about 10% of the air can be dissolved in the hydraulic oil. Under the high pressure of the hydraulic system, more air or gas will be dissolved in the oil. Air forms bubbles in the oil. If the hydraulic support changes rapidly between high and low pressure in an extreme time during the working process, the bubbles will generate high temperature on the high pressure side and burst on the low pressure side.

Reason 3: Collision during use

If the hydraulic jack is bumped during use, the sealing element will be scratched, resulting in leakage.

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