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  • What is the function of the safety valve of the hydraulic jack?


    The safety valve of the hydraulic jack is a safety device used to protect the jack from overloading. When the pressure on the jack exceeds the rated pressure of the safety valve, the safety valve will automatically open to release the pressure and avoid accidents caused by the overload of the jack.A Read More

  • Reasons and solutions for oil leakage from jacks


    The main reasons for the oil leakage of the jack are unreasonable sealing, poor quality of the jack product, and incorrect operation.1. Unreasonable sealing: For some jacks, the sealing work is not done well in the production process, or the sealing ring is worn, which will cause the oil leakage of Read More

  • How to solve hydraulic bottle jack oil leak problem?


    The jack often leaks oil. Most of the leaks are caused by the problem of the sealing ring. The sealing ring will be easily oxidized for a long time, and oil leakage will occur. Because the sealing ring is a vulnerable part, oxidation is normal. Another reason is that the jack is placed on the top du Read More

  • How to Use the Bottle Jack


    How to use the bottle Jack Read More