How to solve hydraulic bottle jack oil leak problem?

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The reasons of hydraulic bottle jack oil leak?

The jack often leaks oil. Most of the leaks are caused by the problem of the sealing ring. The sealing ring will be easily oxidized for a long time, and oil leakage will occur. Because the sealing ring is a vulnerable part, oxidation is normal. Another reason is that the jack is placed on the top during the application process. The jack must be placed on the starting top. To solve this problem, a new set of seals must be prepared. 

How to solve the jack oil leak problem?

Follow these steps to try it out, then you can solve the problem of oil leakage of the jack.

1. When using a hydraulic jack, try to lift a part of the heavy object first, and then continue to lift the heavy object after carefully checking that there is no abnormality in the hydraulic jack. If it is found that the backing plate is not flat or firm after being pressed, or the hydraulic jack is inclined, the hydraulic jack must be decompressed and returned, and the operation can be performed again after it is dealt with in time.

2. During the jacking process, the safety sleeper frame should be laid under the hydraulic jack in time as the heavy objects continue to rise to prevent accidents caused by the hydraulic jack tilting or the sudden drop of the piston. When lowering the heavy objects, gradually pull out the sleepers outwards. The distance between sleepers and heavy objects should not exceed the thickness of a sleeper to prevent accidents!

3. If the lifting height of the heavy object needs to exceed the rated height of the hydraulic jack, it is necessary to place a sleeper under the heavy object lifted by the hydraulic jack, lower the hydraulic jack, raise its bottom, and repeat the lifting until the required lifting high.

4. Hydraulic jacks cannot be used as permanent support equipment. For long-term support, the support part should be added under the heavy object to ensure that the hydraulic jack is not damaged.

5. If only one hydraulic jack is used to lift one end of the heavy object, the double-acting jack should be placed on the symmetrical axis of the heavy object, and the long direction of the hydraulic jack base should be consistent with the direction in which the heavy object is easy to fall. If two hydraulic jacks are used at one end of the heavy object, the direction of the base should be slightly symmetrical and placed on both sides of the symmetrical axis of the heavy object.

6. When two or more hydraulic jacks are used to lift at the same time, they must be commanded, coordinated, and lifted at the same time.

7. Hydraulic jacks should be stored in a dry and dust-free place. It is not suitable for use in workplaces with acid, alkali and corrosive gases, and it should not be placed outdoors in the sun and rain. The technical specifications should be strictly followed during operation. Use regular inspection and maintenance.

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