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Heavy Duty EN1492-1 Polyester Double Ply Flat Webbing Sling with eyes (Hebebander) for lifting

EN1492-1 Double Ply Flat webbing sling with Eye
Material: 100%Polyester
Width: Standard
Length: Required
Colour: Standard
Lifting Capacity: 1-20T
Safety factor: 5:1 6:1 7:1 8:1
Standard: EN1492-1
Packing: Shrink Wrap + Carton + Pallet
Function: Lifting
Certification: CE GS ISO
Logo: Available
Each webbing sling has serial number
  • TL0033

  • TL

Durable Eye and Eye Webbing Slings for Heavy Loads

Synthetic webbing slings

Duplex Flat Webbing slings are flexible and durable lifting and rigging devices made from woven polyester materials. They consist of a flat strip that is formed into a loop at each end, creating an eye-and-eye configuration. Webbing slings are designed to safely and securely lift, hoist, and move heavy loads in various industrial and commercial settings.

Advantages and Features of Webbing Slings:

  1. Strength and Durability:  Webbing slings are constructed from high-strength materials such as polyester, providing excellent load-bearing capabilities and long-lasting durability.

  2. Lightweight:  Webbing slings are lightweight and easy to handle, making them convenient for manual lifting and maneuvering of heavy loads.

  3. Flexibility:  The flexible nature of webbing slings allows them to conform to the shape of the load, ensuring even weight distribution and reducing the risk of damage to the load.

  4. Low Stretch:  Polyester webbing slings have minimal stretch, which helps maintain load stability during lifting and prevents sudden movements.

  5. Gentle on Load Surfaces:  The smooth and soft texture of webbing slings minimizes the risk of scratches, dents, or other damage to the load being lifted.

  6. Cost-Effective:  Webbing slings are generally more affordable than some other lifting solutions, making them a cost-effective option for various lifting tasks.

  7. Color-Coded Identification:  Webbing slings often come in different colors or with color-coded stripes to indicate their load capacity, making it easier to select the appropriate sling for the task.

  8. Versatility:  Webbing slings are available in various configurations, such as endless, flat-eye, and twisted-eye designs, allowing them to adapt to different lifting situations.

  9. Ease of Inspection:  Webbing slings are visually inspectable, allowing users to identify any signs of wear, damage, or degradation and ensuring safe usage.

  10. Multiple Hitch Options:  Webbing slings can be used in various hitches, such as vertical, choker, and basket, providing versatility for different lifting angles and load types.

Webbing sling

Webbing sling belt capacity chart

Flat webbing sling


1. Before each use, make sure that the strap is not damaged
2. Use protective objects to separate the edges and corners of the sling and the load
3. The flexible sling must not be knotted
4. When hoisting, the sling and the load shall not be dragged
5. Avoid shock or vibration loads
6. Dangerous straps do not need to be repaired

7. Please use within the rated load, do not overload, and pay attention to safety

8. To make sure the stitching of the eye of a webbing sling won't break open, the angle of opened eye of the webbing sling shouldn't be more than 20 degrees when it is put into a cranehook.

Lifting Webbing Slings Belt Eye Options and Applications

EN1492-1 Polyester double Ply flat lifting webbing slingduplex-flat-webbing-slings1 duplex-flat-webbing-slings2

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