Some Basic Knowledge of Safe Sling

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Some Basic Knowledge of Safe Sling

How to judge the quality of sling 

1. When loads are lifted on a sling the general idea is to get the load to be as secured in the air as it was on ground

2. The loads must be satisfactorily secured by the slings

(a) Loads are completely contained by the slings (e.g. Bags in nets)

(b) Use fixed lifting pendants or lugs if available

(c) Ropes or wire slings must be completely wrapped around the loads – no loads should be left resting in loose bights of the line

(d) When using specialized components, they must be properly attached to the cargo, and the manufacturer’s instructions should be followed

3. The slings must be sufficiently attached to the lifting appliances 

4. The loads must be slung so that they will not collapse or change form when they are lifted 

5. The load must not damage the sling, possibly causing the slings to part. Use stuffing or padding at susceptible points or sharp edges 

6. Ensure that the loads are not to be damaged by the sling 

7. All lifting parts should have their pivoting points as near to the vertical as possible for a clean lift by the crane 


The ways of quality inspection of sling.

1. Look at the alignment, a good hoisting with a uniform line, the distance between the pins and pins is uniform, the spacing between the two lines is uniform, only the alignment, the force is only uniform.

2. Is there any thread and burr, a good lifting tape is no thread and burr.

3. Lifting joints with the handling of the situation must be handled well and the alignment of the rules, not chaos.

4. Hoisting eye with the ring is the most vulnerable position, so it is crucial to handle here, a good lifting belt here is very particular about the sewing, must be generally rectangular sewing method, that is, the shape of a rectangle sewing , And there should be no wiring here. 

5. Laying the sling on a flat ground, and then slowly with the palm of your hand flat, can not be pulled hard, if the sling into a straight line, there is no obvious tilt is a good lifting belt, otherwise defective.


6. Lay the lifting strap on the ground, with the palm of your hand flat, can not be hard to pull, and then measure the overall length, if the error is within 2 cm is a good lifting strap, if the error is within 5 cm General lifting belt, if the error is more than 5 cm is defective.

7. Look at the color, different tonnage have different colors, any good sling with a bright color, bright, giving the visual impact of the effect is very comfortable.

8. If it is convenience, it is recommended to use tensile testing machine, tensile test, a good lifting belt after the tensile test, the parameters are in line with the mechanical industry standards. Specific parameter values can refer to the relevant industry standards: JB / T8521-2007


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