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EN1492-2 100% high-strength Polyester Round lifting sling-endless round slings for lifting

Material: 100%Polyester
Size: Standard
Standard: EN1492-2
Color: Standard
Safety factor: 5:1,6:1,7:1,8:1
Usage: lifting
Certification: CE GS
Packing: Shrink Wrap + Carton + Pallet
Logo: Available
Each round sling has serial number
  • TL0030

  • TL

Versatile and Reliable: Discover the Power of Round Slings for Heavy Lifting

Round slings are endless loops of high-strength polyester bundled together inside tubular jackets. Because they are composed of many strands of unwoven yarn, round slings are soft and supple, preventing any locking to the load or binding.

Endless Round slings lifting applications

1. Construction Industry: Round slings are commonly used on construction sites for lifting heavy building materials such as steel beams, concrete panels, and pipes.

2. Manufacturing and warehousing

3. Shipping and logistics: Round slings are utilized for loading and unloading cargo in shipping ports and logistics centers, allowing safe and efficient handling of goods.

4. Automotive sector

5. Offshore and marine operations:Round slings are preferred in marine settings for lifting and moving heavy equipment on ships and offshore platforms.

6. Aerospace Industry

7. Utility and power generation: Round slings are employed for lifting transformers, power generators, and utility poles in the power generation and utility sectors.

Features of Round Lifting Slings

1.PES MATERIAL: Made of premium PES material, the hoist sling has great resistance to acid, alkali, abrasion and oxidation

2.FLEXIBLE USING: Enables wide application to ship, machinery, port, transportation, electric power, engineering, and so on

3.SOFT SLING: The soft sling can be used for lifting objects on various hoisting conditions without damaging the surfaces.

4.Round slings is their ability to conform to the shape of the load being lifted, distributing the load's weight evenly. This helps prevent damage to the lifted object and ensures secure lifting.

5.Round slings are color-coded based on their load-carrying capacity, making it easier for users to select the appropriate sling for the specific lifting task.

Soft round slings details


5-tonne-round-sling-2-800x800 6-tonne-round-sling-2-800x800 8-tonne-round-sling-2-800x800 10-tonne-round-sling-2-800x800

Round slings capacity chart

                                                                               ROUND SLING EN1492-2
COLOR WLL(kg) Working Load limit with 1 webbing sling Working Load limit with 2 webbing sling
Straight lift Choked lift β straight lift up to 45° choked lift up to 45° straight lift up to 45°-60° Choked lift up to 45°-60°
0°-7° 7°-45° 45°-60°
1 0.8 2 1.4 1 1.4 1.12 1 0.8
VIOLET 1,000 1000 800 2000 1400 1000 1400 1120 1000 800
GREEN 2,000 2000 1600 4000 2800 2000 2800 2240 2000 1600
YELLOW 3,000 3000 2400 6000 4200 3000 4200 3360 3000 2400
GREY 4,000 4000 3200 8000 5600 4000 5600 4480 4000 3200
RED 5,000 5000 4000 10000 7000 5000 7000 5600 5000 4000
BROWN 6,000 6000 4800 12000 8400 6000 8400 6720 6000 4800
BLUE 8,000 8000 6400 16000 11200 8000 11200 8960 8000 6400
ORANGE 10,000 10000 8000 20000 14000 10000 14000 11200 10000 8000
From 10t up to 200t round slings also available.

What is the Round Sling EWL?(effective working length)

lifting round sling (2)

Lifting Round Slings Use Instruction

When using round slings always: 

• Store and handle roundslings correctly. 

• Inspect roundslings and accessories before use and before placing into storage. 

• Follow safe slinging practices, as given overleaf. 

• Position the bight for choke lift at 120°(natural angle). 

• Apply correct mode factor for the slinging arrangement. 

• Use protection (to avoid cutting, friction etc) and fittings which allow the sling to form smooth radii. 

When using round slings never: 

• Attempt to shorten, knot or tie roundslings. 

• Expose roundslings to direct heat or flames. 

• Use roundslings at temperatures above 80°C or below 0°C without consulting the supplier. 

• Expose roundslings to chemicals without consulting the supplier. 

• Shock load roundslings. 

• Use roundslings with cut or damaged outer covers.

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specialists. Our testing equipment ensures that rated capacities are met with the standard. 

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