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China manufacturer High Strength 100% Polyester round lifting sling with eyes/Eye to eye round sling

EN1492-2 Eye-Eye round sling
Length: Request
Type: Eye-Eye
Function: Lifting
Customized marking available
Each round sling has serial number
Maxmum Capacity to 100T
  • TL054

  • TL

Versatility of Round Slings with Eyes for Heavy-Duty Lifting

Eye to Eye polyester round sling is a type of lifting sling that is commonly used in various industrial and construction applications. They work exceptionally well in choker, vertical or basket hitches.

Round sling Eye&Eye

  1. Strength and Load Distribution: Eye-to-eye round slings are designed to evenly distribute the load's weight across the entire length of the sling. This helps prevent localized stress points that can occur with traditional rigging methods and enhances the safety of lifting operations.

  2. Versatility: The looped design allows for multiple ways of attaching the sling to lifting equipment. This adaptability is particularly useful when dealing with irregularly shaped or awkwardly positioned loads.

  3. Gentle on Loads: The soft and flexible material of the sling is less likely to damage or scratch sensitive surfaces of the load compared to rigid lifting equipment.

  4. Lightweight and Easy to Store: Synthetic materials used in these slings are lightweight, making the slings themselves easy to handle and transport.

eye& eye round sling

Eye to Eye Round Sling Capacity Chart

                                 Polyester Eye & Eye Round sling, EN1492-2
Picture Model of Eye Eye Round sling Colour WLL(kg) Width (mm) Min Length(m) Max Length (m)
EN1492-2 100% Polyester Eye-Eye endless Round Sling  ERS010 Violet 1000 55 1 80
ERS020 Green 2000 60 1.5 80
ERS030 Yellow 3000 70 1.5 80
ERS040 Grey 4000 80 1.5 80
ERS050 Red 5000 90 1.5 80
ERS060 Brown 6000 100 2 80
ERS080 Blue 8000 110 3 80
ERS100 Orange 10000 120 3 80
ERS120 Orange 12000 125 3 80
ERS150 Orange 15000 150 3 80
ERS200 Orange 20000 180 3 80
ERS250 Orange 25000 200 3 80
ERS300 Orange 30000 220 4 80
ERS400 Orange 40000 250 4 80
ERS500 Orange 50000 300 4 80

1. Safety factor: 5:1, 6:1, 7:1, 8:1 available

2. Do not exceed maximum rated capacities.

Option Types

round sling with loop eye-eye round sling的副本

Eye-to-Eye Round Sling Usage Instructions

  • Inspect Before Use:

Before each use, thoroughly inspect the round sling for any signs of damage, wear, or fraying. Check the stitching, webbing, and attachment eyes for any issues that could compromise the sling's strength.

  • Choose the Right Sling:

Select a round sling with the appropriate working load limit (WLL) and length for your lifting task. Ensure that the sling's capacity is well-suited to the load you intend to lift.

  • Secure Attachment Points:

Attach the sling's eyes securely to lifting hooks, shackles, or other appropriate hardware. Make sure the attachment points are compatible and free from any defects.

  • Avoid Twists and Knots:

Make sure the sling is free from twists, knots, or entanglements before lifting. Twists can reduce the sling's strength and compromise its lifting ability.

  • Position the Load:

Place the load onto the sling in a way that ensures an even distribution of weight along the length of the sling. Position the load so that it does not exert pressure on the stitching or eyes.

  • Balance the Load:

Ensure the load is properly balanced to prevent swinging or tipping during lifting. Use additional rigging equipment if needed to stabilize the load.

  • Lift Smoothly:

Apply tension to the sling gradually and smoothly. Avoid sudden jerks or shock loading, as this can damage the sling or the load. Use appropriate lifting techniques and equipment to control the lift.

  • Avoid Sharp Edges:

Protect the sling from sharp edges, corners, or abrasive surfaces that could cause abrasion or cutting. Use edge protectors or padding as needed to prevent damage.

  • Avoid Overloading:

Never exceed the sling's working load limit. Overloading can lead to sling failure and accidents. Consider factors such as angles and load configuration when calculating the effective load on the sling.

  • Regular Monitoring:

While the load is suspended, periodically check the sling and load for any signs of shifting, loosening, or stress. Adjust as necessary to maintain a secure and stable lift.

  • Lowering the Load:

Lower the load carefully and under control, following safe lifting practices. Avoid sudden releases or drops.

  • Storage and Maintenance:

After use, store the round sling in a clean, dry, and cool environment away from direct sunlight. Regularly inspect and maintain the sling according to manufacturer guidelines.

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