What are the differences between bow shackle and dee shackle?

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What are the differences between bow shackle and dee shackle?

A bow shackle and a dee shackle are both types of load-bearing shackles used in various industries. Here are the main differences between the two:

Shape: The most notable difference lies in their shapes. A bow shackle has a rounded "U" shape, resembling the shape of a bow, while a dee shackle has a "D" or horseshoe shape.

Load Distribution: The shape of the bow shackle allows for a larger surface area, resulting in a more even distribution of loads across the shackle. This can be advantageous in applications where the load may shift or move during operation. On the other hand, a dee shackle has a smaller contact area, which may concentrate the load more at the ends.

Side Loading: Bow shackles are better suited for side loading applications due to their shape. The rounded shape of the bow allows the shackle to rotate, reducing stress on the pin. Dee shackles are generally not recommended for side loading as it can put excessive stress on the straight sides of the shackle.

Pin Types: Bow shackles typically have a screw pin or bolt-type pin, whereas dee shackles commonly have a bolt-type pin or a screw pin with a collar. The choice of pin type can depend on the specific application requirements and the ease of use.

Strength and Weight: Due to its shape and larger cross-sectional area, a bow shackle is generally stronger and more durable compared to a dee shackle of the same size. However, this also means that bow shackles are typically heavier than dee shackles.

It is important to note that the choice between a bow shackle and a dee shackle depends on the specific application, load requirements, and safety regulations. It is advisable to consult industry standards and guidelines to determine the appropriate type of shackle for a particular use case.

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