What Oil is used for Hydraulic Jacks?

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What Oil is used for Hydraulic Jacks?

Oil selection

Hydraulic oil is a hydraulic medium used in hydraulic systems using liquid pressure energy. It plays the role of energy transmission, anti-wear, system lubrication, anti-corrosion, rust prevention and cool in the hydraulic system. For hydraulic oil, the requirements of the viscosity of the hydraulic device at the working temperature and the starting temperature should be met first. The viscosity change of the lubricating oil is directly related to the hydraulic action, transmission efficiency and transmission accuracy, and the viscosity temperature performance of the oil is also required. And shear stability should meet the various needs of different applications.

Hydraulic oil is the liquid working medium used to transmit energy in the hydraulic jack transmission and control system. In addition to transmitting energy, it also plays the role of lubrication, cool, protection (rust prevention), sealing, cleaning and vibration reduction. Whether the hydraulic system can work reliably and effectively depends largely on the performance of the hydraulic oil, so choosing the right hydraulic oil is the primary problem to solve the normal operation of the hydraulic system.

Select the oil according to the environmental conditions of the hydraulic equipment: for example, fire-resistant hydraulic oil should be selected near high-temperature heat source or open flame; cold area requires oil with high viscosity index, good low-temperature fluidity and low freezing point; In the environment, consider using oils with good anti-emulsibility.  

Select the oil according to the working conditions: Select the oil type and viscosity according to the pressure range used. Generally, the requirement for the lubricity of the oil, that is, the abrasion resistance, increases with the increase of the pressure, so the oil with good abrasion resistance and extreme pressure should be selected at high pressure. Select the type of oil based on the oil temperature used. Depending on the temperature of the oil used, different oils should be selected. The viscosity and temperature characteristics and thermal stability of the oil should be considered. When the ambient temperature is high, the viscosity of the oil should be properly increased. In the winter, oil with lower viscosity should be used, and in summer, oil with higher viscosity should be used. 

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Way to refuel it:

1. The liquid level of the fuel tank should always be kept at the center line of the oil mark of operation to prevent the oil pump from emptying. When refueling, filter the oil filter to remove impurities from the new oil. When used frequently, clean the oil filter every two months, clean the fuel tank once every six months, and replace with new oil.

2. The normal working temperature of the hydraulic jack oil pump is 10 °C - 50 °C. If the oil temperature is too high, it is necessary to take cooling measures or stop the pump. When the oil temperature is too low, it is necessary to take heating measures or low-pressure operation to increase the oil temperature.

3. Before starting the motor, you need to change the reversing valve to the middle half. Jog several times to prevent the high pressure pump from being emptied and used after the air is removed.

4. The working pressure set by the electric oil pump at the time of delivery shall not be arbitrarily increased.

5. When the high-pressure hose is shipped from the factory, it is subjected to a withstand voltage test with a rated pressure in 1.25 times. Due to the aging of the gel, users should pay attention to regular inspections during long-term use and check once every six months. When inspection is done for the withstand voltage test, leakage must occur, and if it is raised or blasted, it must be replaced. When using, avoid discounts and sharp bends, and do not get too close to the hose to prevent blasting and injury.            

Hydraulic Bottle Jack

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