The Importance of Car Safety Belts

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The Importance of Car Safety Belts

Many people think that the seat belt is just a simple lifting sling that can be buckled up. But at the crucial moment, the seat belt can play a big role. In the event of a collision, the seat belt can secure the occupants to the seat and cooperate with the cushioning protection of the airbag to greatly reduce the injury caused by the collision. 

1. What is the function of safety belt?

(1) To reduce the speed of the crash, so that the driver and passenger will not bear the second collision with the steering wheel, instrument panel, windshield and other items.

(2) By extending the seat belt, the effect of the deceleration force can be buffered again.

(3) Prevent the driver and passengers in the car from being thrown out of the car in an emergency.

So, before pulling up the handbrake, make sure the seat belt is always fastened on you. This is the most basic habit of driving. 

2. When will the seat belt be damaged?

As some cars are used for a long time, the car safety belts will also be aging, the main performance is the aging of the internal reed, the seat belt will be too loose or unable to tighten in time. In an emergency, if the seat belt is too loose, it will easily cause passengers to slip out of the seat belt, causing serious damage. Or the person has already encountered the airbag, but because the seat belt tension is too large, it cannot be tightened in time, so the entire force of the person will be given to the airbag, thus the person may be seriously injured.

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If the seat belt has been subjected to a strong tensile load during use, it should be replaced and cannot be used any more even if it is not damaged. After the collision accident, regardless of whether the airbag pops up, the maintenance station personnel should be asked to perform a comprehensive overhaul of the relevant safety system. If the vehicle has been collided and the airbag pops out, the seat belt must be replaced in time. 

3. How to check the seat belt?

Each owner can check whether the seat belt is aging or loses tension. The general seat belt device has a seat belt tension limiter function. In addition, you can check the position of the release button on the buckle, make sure that the button must be easy to open in order to release the seat belt in case of emergency. The rear double-lock generally has an anti-insertion function, and the key can only match one of the anti-insertion locks. The unlocking function of the mortise lock can be realized by inserting a door key into the small hole of the insertion lock. 

4. How to maintain the seat belt?

When the seat belt is too dirty, use neutral soap and lukewarm water, wipe it with cloth or sponge. Do not use dye or beautiful whitening agent because it will corrode the seat belt, and do not use hard brush to avoid reducing the tensile strength of the seat belt. Do not use the seat belt until it has dried. Check if there is any foreign matter entering the lock. If dust enters the splicing of the shoulder belt, clean it with a clean dry cloth in time. If the seat belt is aged or damaged, it must be replaced at the 4S shop. Seat belts cannot be dismantled at will. If you have any problems, please ask a professional to repair them. 

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5. What is the correct use of seat belts?

(1) After adjusting the seat, sit up straight. Grasp the lock tongue on the head of the seat belt, pull the seat belt down along the body, don't let the seat belt twist, and then fasten the lock tongue to the locking buckle. At this point, remember to drag the lock tongue upward again to make sure that the seat belt is fully locked. Do not tilt the seat back too tightly, otherwise the seat belt will not extend and roll up correctly.

(2) The common shoulder seatbelts should be fastened to the shoulder, across the chest, and must not be placed under the arm. Wear the lap-belt as low as possible, close to the lower part of the hip, not at the waist. Because the collision force acts on the pelvis during the collision, this operation can ensure the stability of the human body to the greatest extent. After the waist seat belt is tightened, it is better to pull down the waist seat belt at the buckle end and up the shoulder seat belt at the same time.

(3) Do not let the seat belt press on a hard or fragile object. Do not put glasses, keys, mobile phones on the chest pocket. 

Car seat belts play an important role in protecting drivers and passengers. Seat belts must be equipped for every car. For your precious life, please fasten your seat belt when driving.

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