RFQ Chain Slings

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On this page you will find frequently asked questions about chain slings. If you are concerned about a question that is not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer them by mail.(tracy@chinatoplifting.com)

What are chain slings?

Chain slings are lifting devices comprised of a chain and various types of hooks, links, or attachments. They are used to safely lift and transport heavy loads in industries such as construction, manufacturing, and logistics.

What grades does Top Lifting have in its product range?

G80 and G100 Lifting Chain slings are available. Sizes from 4mm to 32mm.

What is the difference between the individual grades?

The difference between the individual grades of chain slings is that the load capacity increases with increasing grade while the material thickness remains the same.

What is the tilt angle and how is it measured?

The tilt angle is determined by the degrees between an imaginary vertical line and the chain itself. The load-carrying capacity of a chain sling changes depending on the respective tilt angle of a suspended load: the greater the tilt angle, the lower the load capacity. Tilt angles exceeding 60° are not permitted! If different tilt angles occur with multiple leg chain slings (asymmetrical load distribution), only the load capacity of the leg with the largest tilt angle may be used as a basis. In individual cases, shortening hooks and compensating rockers may be helpful.


What is the spread angle?

In contrast to the tilt angle, the spread angle measures the angle between two chain legs (maximum 120°).


What is the working length of a chain sling?

The working length L describes the length of a chain sling plus its fitting parts, as shown in the following diagram.

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Why do the hooks always point outward?

The hook openings must always point outwards to prevent the load from being unhooked unintentionally.

What information can you find on the load capacity tag of the chain?

  • Load capacity 

  • chain size

  • date of manufacturer

  • CE Sign

At what temperatures may the chain slings be used?

    The following table shows the load-carrying capacity per grade in relation to temperature.

    -60° -40° -30° +200° +250° +300° +350° +380° +400°
    Grade 8
    100% 90% 75%
    Grade 10
    100% 90% 75%

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