Some Questions and Answers about the Round Lifting Sling.

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What is a round sling?

Round Slings are an endless loop of yarns, covered by a woven tubular. The inner core is made from high tensile polyester fibre which is wound continuously without a join to provide the maximum possible strength. This core is protected by a tought woven tubular sleeve also made from polyester without side stitch. All slings are colour coded to match their corresponding WLL.

What is a round sling used for?

Endless Round slings are an all-purpose lifting sling enabling a strong and non-damaging lift of a load. They are extremely light weight and flexible in multiple directions, allowing easy and quick manipulation even when fragile loads are being lifted.

How to use the round sling?

When using round slings always: 

• Store and handle roundslings correctly. 

• Inspect roundslings and accessories before use and before placing into storage. 

• Follow safe slinging practices, as given overleaf. 

• Position the bight for choke lift at 120°(natural angle). 

• Apply correct mode factor for the slinging arrangement. 

• Use protection (to avoid cutting, friction etc) and fittings which allow the sling to form smooth radii. 

When using round slings never: 

• Attempt to shorten, knot or tie roundslings. 

• Expose roundslings to direct heat or flames. 

• Use roundslings at temperatures above 80°C or below 0°C without consulting the supplier. 

• Expose roundslings to chemicals without consulting the supplier. 

• Shock load roundslings. 

• Use roundslings with cut or damaged outer covers.

How to measure the round sling length?

The round sling length always measured from one end or bearing point of the sling to the other.

Polyester Round Sling EN1492-2

How to shorten the round sling?

Do not twist the sling to shorten - loop the sling once instead and not multiple times.

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