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China Multifunctional Polyester Tire Straps/Car Wheel Strap with 3 wire J hook or W/swivel hooks

Polyester Tire Straps/Car Wheel Strap
Material: 100% Polyester+Metal Hooks+Ratchet
Length: Requirest
Webbing Color: Client's Requirement
Hook: Swivel hook
Application: Fasten Goods
Package: Carton+pallet
  • TL0020

  • TL

Precision-Designed Tire Straps for Durable Stability

What is the tire fastening straps?

Tire fastening straps, also known as tire straps or wheel straps, are specialized straps designed for securing tires or wheels to a vehicle or a transport platform. These straps are commonly used in the transportation and logistics industry to secure vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles, or ATVs, onto trailers, flatbed trucks, or other transport vehicles.

Tire Straps Details

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Tire fastening Straps Type:

  • Ratchet tie down with 3 wire J hook and rubber blocks

  • Ratchet tire straps with swivel J hook and proctitive belt

  • Replacement over the tire straps w/2 swivel hook

Tire Towing Straps Features:

  • DURABLE POLYESTER WEBBING: Our wheel tie down straps are made of durable polyester webbing. Polyester webbing barely stretches at all under heavy loads, it resists taking damage from scrapes or cuts, and water slides right off it--so mildew can’t grow and ruin it.

  • CORROSION-RESISTANT RATCHET AND Hooks: Our ratcheting mechanism and hooks are plated with gold chromate, so the heavy-duty steel won’t rust or take damage from other metals.

  • THREE SWIVEL Wire or J-HOOK END FITTINGS: J-hooks are compatible with any flat anchor points, including tie-plates, shackles, or stake pockets on the side of a trailer bed. They can also be compatible with an L-Track anchor system if you incorporate a flat-hook receiver. Our flat hooks are made from heavy duty steel and and sustain a high working load limit.

  • LONG RATCHETING HANDLE: The long ratcheting handle gives you more leverage than shorter handles, so it’s easier to reach the degree of tension you want. More tension with less force. 

  • SLIDING RUBBER BLOCKS INCLUDED: The rubber blocks help you place your strap properly, and they’re textured to fit into the grooves on the tire.

    How to use the tire straps?

    • 1. Secure the J hook nearest to the ratchet handle to the anchoring point closest to the side of the tire

    • 2. Pull the strap over the tread of the tire. Use the rubber blocks to position it correctly.

    • 3. Line everything up so the strap is centered. No part of the strap can be twisted or loose.

    • 4. Connect the other two hooks on the strap to the anchor points, one at the base of the tire and the other out.

    • 5. Ratchet the strap by pumping the handle until its completely tight.

    wheel straps

    Other Ratchet straps available

    Model of Ratchet strap  Width of webbing(mm) Loading capacity(kg) Assembly MBS(kg) Webbing MBS (kg)
    TL25-040 25 400 800 1200/1000
    TL25-050 25 500 1000 1500/1250
    TL35-075 35 750 1500 2250/1875
    TL35-100 35 1000 2000 3000/2500
    TL35-150 35 1500 3000 4500/3750
    TL50-200 50 2000 4000 6000/5000
    TL50-250 50 2500 5000 7500/6300
    TL75-350 75 3500 7000 10500/8750
    TL100-500 100 5000 10000 15000/12500

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