How to Release a Jammed Ratchet Strap

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How to Release a Jammed Ratchet Strap

When we use the ratchet strap, maybe we will meet the ratchet strap jammed. So we need to know why it jammed and how to release the jammed ratchet strap.

Polyester Ratchet belt strap

How Ratchet Straps Jam and Get Stuck

There are three reasons for ratchet straps jam or get stuck

  1. Not disengaging the ratchet all the way: The gear stays locked in place until you unlock it.

  2. Winding too much strap on the spool: This requires a little muscle and finesse to unjam.

  3. Needs a little lube: Happens with ratchet straps that don't work smoothly from being outside.

How to solve these problems?

1) Ratchet Strap Isn't Fully Disengaged and Won't Release

When the ratchet is full closed it's locked into place and both pawls are engaged. When it is partially open both pawls are mostly engaged.

You need to get the ratchet fully open in order for it to release. You do this by disengaging the two pawls.

First you need to squeeze the little handle to disengage the manual pawls.

Second, still squeezing the little handle. You need to swing the main handle all the way up. Keep pushing up and squeezing the handle until the ratchet is flat.

Once it's flat, you can let go of the little handle and just pull the ratchet toward you-it'll now be loose and ready to release.

2) Ratchet Strap Has Too Much Strap On the Spool

The overloaded ratchet strap spool is actually dangerous.

It can be hard to make the ratchet strap tight, so your load won't be secure.

You might not be able to lock it, which means it could release during transport.

The excess straps will push on the auto pawl, which means it may only partially engage.

The trick to unjam the strap here is with muscle. You need to follow the first procedure above for disengaging the ratchet, then pull really hard to make the strap unwind from the spool. 

p.s.: If you take most of the slack out of the strap before tightening (by pulling the loose, unhooked end), you'll get the right amount of strap on the spool.

3) Ratchet Buckle Has Rust or Dirt Making It Jam

Some of the old ratchet straps we have are pretty dirty and rusty. Occasionally, the pawls will stick which makes it hard to tighten or loosen the strap.

To fix this, you just need to squirt some lube or cleaner onto the pawl surfaces where they contact the ratchet strap body and move them back-and-forth by hand a little bit to loosen them up.

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