What’s the Function of Lifting Chain?

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 What’s the Function of Lifting Chain?

The lifting chain can adjust the length of the chain according to the lifting height of the lifting object. It is an indispensable crane and an important material picking device plays an important role in improving the working efficiency of the crane and expanding the working range of the crane.

1. The role of the lifting chain

The mining chain is mainly used for mining. Known round chain reinforced mine ring chain adopts forged vertical ring and special heat treatment, which has high tensile strength and long life fatigue life and high toughness. The optimal hardness of each ring is reduced by the chain. The wear between the rings significantly increases the service life. The drive chain is a chain that is primarily used to transmit power. The conveyor chain is a chain that is primarily used to transport material. Traction chains are chains that are primarily used for pulling and lifting. Special special chains are chains that are mainly used on special mechanical devices with special functions and structures. 

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2. About the inspection of the lifting chain

The first is about the visual inspection of the lifting chain. First, check whether the inner chain and outer chain pieces of the lifting chain are deformed, cracked, embroidered. Second, check if the pin of the chain is deformed or rotated, embroidering. Third, check the roller of the chain for cracks, damage, excessive wear. Fourth, check if the joint of the chain is loose and deformed. Fifth, check the chain for abnormal sound or abnormal vibration. Also check that the lubrication of the chain is good.

Then there is a measurement method about the accuracy of the chain length. The chain is cleaned before measurement. Then the chain to be tested is placed on the two sprocket wheels, and the upper and lower sides of the chain to be tested should be supported. Finally, the chain was allowed to stay for 1 min under the condition of applying a three-point minimum tensile load. During the measurement, the specified measurement load is applied to the chain to tension the upper and lower chains, and the chain should ensure normal toothing on the sprocket. Then measure the center distance of the two sprocket wheels. The length of the chain elongation is then measured.

Finally is about the judgment about the retirement of the chain. The allowable wear value of the chain shall not exceed 10 percent of the diameter of the ring chain or the thickness of the tool. From the plane where the main ring is not bent, the main ring is distorted by more than 10 degrees and should be scrapped. Cracks in any part of the chain, bending or twisting and stuck or deadlock between the ring hinges are prohibited and cannot be excluded. The permanent elongation of the chain and single ring shall not exceed 5 percent of the original length.

lifting chain

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