What is the difference of chain Grades and how to choose?

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What is chain Grade?

According to the Standards, the chain grade’s number or rating refers to the ultimate breaking strength it can handle per millimeter squared. There are five grades of chain: G30, G43, G70, G80, and G100. Grade 120 is a more stronger chain with a a bright, blue-coat finish and rectangular links, designed to fit the most extremely heavy duty application, but it is less common in the rigging industry. The higher the number, the stronger and the higher the WLL is, and the higher the strength-to-weight ratio.

It’s important to know the Grades of chain, for each Grade of chain is in several different strengths, and different applications, you can easily know which is better, for the higher numbers the grade is, generally there are six Grades of Chain and into three main steel materials: Grade 80 chain, Grade 100 chain, and Grade 120 chain for overhead lifting uses, Grade 70 chain for load securement and tie down applications, and Grade 43 chain and grade 30 chain for flatbed trucking industry .

Which Chain Grade Should Be Used for Which Type of Application?

G80,G100,G120 chains are used for overhead lifting.

Grade 80 or Grade 100 chain can be used for a lifting application. However, there are some situations in which Grade 80 is the better choice.
Grade 80 chain is made of heat-treated alloy steel, in some situations the Grade 80 chain is the better choice than Grade 100 chain for it has a high strength to weight ratio.

G70 Transport chain

Grade 70 transport chain is a binder chain for load securement, towing, logging and tie down applications. It is easy to identify for the golden chromate finish and embossed G7, or 70 marks.
It is not approved for overhead lifting, although it is manufactured by heat-treated making them high strength, the galvanization degrade its grade.

G43 high test chain and G30 proof coil chain

They are both made with low carbon steel but Grade 43 high test chain has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than Grade 30 proof coil chain, both of them are used in the bundling, logging trucking, and tie down applications, but are not approved for overhead lifting.


The alloy steel chain Grade 80, 100, 120 are designed for overhead lifting, not for bundling, logging applications, while carbon steel Grade 70, 43, 30 chain are for load securement, tie downs, and bundling applications, not for overhead lifting purposes.

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