What is a sash chain? How to use the sash chain?

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What is a sash chain?

Sash chain, also known as flat link chain, is made from stamped steel. It is a general utility chain with many commercial, industrial, farm and aerospace uses, and it can also be used as a retaining chain for valve, dial caps, lids, and doors.

How to measure the sash chain?

For double-hung windows, the approximate total required amount of chain can be calculated by the following formula: (1/2 the sash opening height + 2 feet) x 4.

How to use the sash chain?

Sash chains are typically used in window or door applications to connect the sash (the movable part of a window or door) to a counterweight that helps balance the sash for smooth operation. Here are the general steps on how to use sash chain:

  1. Identify the sash and counterweight: The sash is the part of the window or door that moves up and down, while the counterweight is a heavy object (such as a metal weight) that provides counterbalance to the sash. The sash chain connects the sash to the counterweight.Measure and cut the sash chain: Measure the distance between the attachment points on the sash and the counterweight. Add a few extra inches for allowance. Use a pair of pliers or wire cutters to cut the sash chain to the appropriate length.

  2. Attach the sash chain to the sash: Use small screws or hooks to attach one end of the sash chain to the sash. The attachment point should be near the top of the sash and should allow the chain to move freely without binding.

  3. Attach the sash chain to the counterweight: Attach the other end of the sash chain to the counterweight. This can be done using a small screw or hook, or by looping the chain around the counterweight and securing it with a metal clip or other fastener.

  4. Adjust the tension: If needed, adjust the tension of the sash chain to ensure smooth operation of the window or door. You can do this by adding or removing links from the chain or by adjusting the attachment points on the sash or counterweight.

  5. Test the operation: Once the sash chain is attached and adjusted, test the operation of the window or door to ensure that the sash moves up and down smoothly and stays in the desired position when opened or closed.

Note: It's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines for using sash chains, as different windows and doors may have specific requirements. If you're not familiar with working on windows or doors, it's recommended to seek professional assistance to ensure proper installation and operation.

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