What is Difference between Lifting and Rigging?

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What is Difference between Lifting and Rigging?

Lifting and rigging play an important role in the industrial field. However, few people know exactly what are the lifting and rigging. Next, the characteristics of lifting and rigging well be introduced separately. In addition, we will compare the difference between them as well.


Lifting refers to the vertical or horizontal movement of heavy objects. Lifting is an industrial process of moving mechanical equipment or other objects from one place to another by means of a hydraulic lift. Most lifting machinery starts the vertical or horizontal working stroke after the spars take the material, unloads after arriving at the destination, and then empty the journey to the material taking place to complete a working cycle. And then a second lift.

With the development of economy, the proportion of steel and bulk goods also increases. The ropes are easy to be worn during loading and unloading. Therefore, it is very important to design and select wear resistant lifting lock. The products from Top Lifting are recommended. To learn more information, you can click here. 

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Rigging refers to the equipment used with the rope, such as hook tensioner, cable clamp ring shackle, etc. When lifting an article, the combined device hooking on the article is a rigging device. It is generally composed of high strength flexible parts, rings and hooks. The following precautions should be taken when using rigging.

1 Do not use damaged rigging.

2 When hoisting rigging, don't turn your noose.

3 Don't let the rigging knot.

4 Avoid overloading.

5 When move rigging, don't drag it.

6 Consult the supplier if the rigging is likely to be chemically contaminated or used at high temperatures.

7 Every rigging must be inspection before use.

8 When it be affected with damp, strength loss up to 15%.

Therefore, strong rigging is essential for lifting and other operations. Top Lifting is a manufacture of high-quality lifting and lashing products which have an in-house team with qualified fabricators and sewing specialists. The products from Top Lifting are recommended. To learn more information, you can click here.


The Difference Between Lifting And Rigging

1. Above all, they are made of different materials. Lifting machinery includes lifting mechanism, running mechanism, luffing mechanism and rotation mechanism. The main types of rigging are metal rigging and synthetic fibre rigging.

2. They have different structures. Lifting devices are often more complex. They are composed of actuators, pickers, metal structures, and control systems.

3. Finally, they have different USES. Lifting machinery is mainly used for carrying into pieces. Equipped with grab bucket, it can be used to transport coal, ore, grain and other bulk materials. Equipped with buckets, it can be used to lift liquid materials such as steel. Some lifting machinery such as elevators can also be used to carry people. Rigging has been widely used in port, steel, shipbuilding, petrochemical industry, mining, railway construction, metallurgy, chemical industry, automobile manufacturing, bulk transport pipeline, Marine rescue, Marine engineering, airport construction, bridge construction, aviation and space venues and other important industries.

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