What are the differences between Powder Painting and Spray Painting?

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Powder Painting and spray Painting are both a surface treatment process. Then What is the difference between powder painting and spray painting?

1. Powder Painting

Powder Painting is a surface treatment method of spraying plastic powder on parts. 

Its working principle is: The plastic powder is charged through a high-voltage electrostatic device, and under the action of an electric field, the paint is sprayed onto the surface of the workpiece, and the powder will be uniformly adsorbed on the surface of the workpiece to form a powder coating. The powder coating is leveled and solidified after being baked at high temperature, and the plastic particles will melt into a dense final protective coating with different effects, which is firmly attached to the surface of the workpiece.

2. Spray painting

Spray painting refers to the processing method of atomizing paint through a spray gun and coating it on the surface of an object.

3. The difference between powder painting and spray painting

(1) The coatings are different: the powder painting is plastic powder, while the spray coating is paint;

(2) The effect is different: the leveling of spray painting is better than that of powder painting. Because the solvent, auxiliaries and the molecular structure of the resin used for spray painting are of great help to the leveling. The powder painting does not, so it often has an orange pattern effect.

(3) Different repairability: in the process of painting, the pockmarks or scratches caused by the excessive air film can be repaired at any time, because the paint has the function of recoating. And powder painting molding doesn't work.

(4) Different decoration: spray paint is rich in decoration. The appearance color of spray paint is dozens of times more than that of spray plastic, and the same material can be made into different effects.

(5) The working principle is different: powder painting must be baked at high temperature, but spray painting is not required.

(6) The cost is different: the cost is lower than the spray painting process.

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