Single-section hydraulic jack VS double-section hydraulic jack: Do you know the difference?

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Single Section Hydraulic Jack vs. Double Section Hydraulic Jack: Choosing the Right Type of Jack

Hydraulic jacks are an indispensable tool in car maintenance, construction site operations or daily life, but many people do not know the difference between a single-section hydraulic jack and a double-section hydraulic jack. This article will take an in-depth look at the differences between these two types of jacks to help you make a more informed choice when using them.

What is the single-section hydraulic jack?

A single-section jack consists of a long pole and a platform at the top. It is powered by a hydraulic cylinder that operates inside the rod. When you push the rod towards the platform, the hydraulic cylinders start working, lifting the vehicle.

What is the double-section hydraulic jack?

A double-section jack is composed of two rods. Each rod has its own hydraulic cylinder, so it's more stable than a single-section jack. It is usually larger and heavier than a single section jack.

What are the differences between single-section hydraulic jack and double-section hydraulic jack?

hydraulic jack

The main difference between a single-section jack and a double-section jack is their structure and function. Single-section jacks usually have only one telescopic section, while double-section jacks have two telescopic sections.

  • Height variation range:

The lifting height of a single-section jack is smaller because there is only one telescopic section.

Since the double-section jack has two telescopic sections, it has a larger lifting height range and can be used in a wider range of situations.

  • Stability:

Double-section jacks are generally more stable than single-section jacks. The structure of two telescopic joints can provide better support and balance.

  • Scenes to be used:

Single-section jacks are suitable for situations where height changes are not required, such as simple lifting in automobile maintenance.

Double-section jacks are often used for work that requires a large lifting height, such as the maintenance and lifting of large vehicles.

  • Portability:

Because single-section jacks are relatively simple, they are usually lighter and easier to carry.

Double-section jacks may be heavier but offer more functionality and flexibility.

How to choose the double-section jack and single-section jack?

When choosing between single and double-section hydraulic jacks, consider the following factors:

Work requirements:

If it is mainly light lifting, a single-section jack is sufficient to meet the needs. For heavier tasks, a double-section jack is more suitable.

Space restrictions:

When the working space is small, it is more convenient to choose a single-section hydraulic jack.

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