How to use the safety harness?

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How do you use a safety harness?

How to inspect the safety harness before using it?

When putting on a safety harness, it is important to take a few things into account so that you are sure you are putting on the harness correctly and that it is adjusted accordingly. Therefore, you should follow these steps.

1. Loosen all buckles.

2. Set all belts to the maximum size.

3. Check whether the belts and straps of the safety harness are not tangled or twisted.

4. Put your arms through the arm loops and lift them over your shoulders. Make sure the straps are not twisted.

5. Close the buckle on the chest and then tighten it.

6. Now close the leg loops with the buckle one by one and then tighten them. The buckles of the leg loops should not be too loose, but not too tight either. As a rule of thumb: a flat hand must fit between the strap and the hips.

7. Check whether all belts and straps are tightened and whether the ends are not protruding.

How to Put on a Fall Arrest Harness

1. Slip the harness over your shoulders like a vest.

2. Make sure the D-ring is in the middle of your back, directly between your shoulder blades.

3. Pull each leg strap up and fasten the buckles together.

4. Stand up straight and adjust the length of the side body straps as needed to make sure there is no slack.

5. Fasten the chest strap about mid-chest high.

6. Adjust the chest strap as necessary to remove any slack.

7. Make sure the shoulder straps and leg straps are snugs, while still allowing full range of motion.

8. Eliminate any excess slack by tightening the straps in the buckle.

9. Make sure the loose ends of the straps are tucked into the strap retainers.

10. With your handheld flat, you should be able to fit your fingers underneath your leg straps.

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