How to correctly operate Manual Cable Winches.

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Manual Cable Winches are composed of an aluminum body with a pair of jaws connected to levers that pull and safely release a load. They are equipped with a double locking load pin and have a breaking load of 4 times the working load limit.

How to operate manual cable winches

1. First, ensure that the forward, reverse, and cable release levers are positioned to the rear of the winch.

2. Grabbing both the release and reverse levers in one hand, push the levers both forwards and down until the release lever correctly locks itself into place at the top of the winch body.

3. Insert the tapered end of the wire rope into the jaw opening opposite of the load pin and feed it through until it protrudes from the other side.

4. Take up any slack in the cable, by pulling it through by hand.

5. Push the release lever down for the jaws to properly close around the cable.

6. Attach the double locking load pin to your stationary attachment point.

7. To pull on the wire rope: slide, rotate, and lock the handle onto the lever nearest the load pin and ratchet the lever forward and backwards.

How to release load.

To release the load: slide, rotate, and lock the handle onto the lever farthest from the load pin and ratchet the lever forward and backwards.

To release the cable, repeat the same procedure that was used to open the winch jaws, and pull the cable from the winch.


During operation it is important to keep the cable free from excessive grease and debris to prevent the internal jaws from fouling. Use a rag or napkin to wipe down the cable, as needed.
Any properly sized steel cored wire rope or cable can be used, but cable with fused and tapered ends are much easier to feed through the jaws.

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