How to Maintain Ratchet Strap

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How to Maintain the Ratcheting Mechanism

Keep the mechanism clean by keeping it away from dirt and debris or by using a small brush to remove any that managed to get on or inside it.

It is also essential to use the light oil or WD-40 to lubricate the moving parts of ratcheting mechanism’s handle. This keeps them moving properly and quickly. But make sure that you keep the lubricant away from the webbing. Otherwise, you risk attracting more dirt, which can eventually cause the webbing to bind.

Also, be sure to keep the ratcheting mechanism away from water. This will prevent it from rusting, which can affect the functionality of its moving parts. If it gets wet or damp during use, make sure to dry it before you use it again.

How to Maintain the Webbing

You should inspect the webbing as well after every use to make sure that there aren’t any rips and tears that can cause it to snap. It is possible that the webbing might have come in contact with a sharp edge during use, so look for frayed fibers. There are easy and cost-effective ways to prevent sharp corners from damaging the webbing further; one of them is to use rubber corner snap protectors.

Clean the webbing is a great way to extend the life of the ratchet strap. Use a mixture of warm water and soap and a high-quality brush to scrub them thoroughly. After cleaning the webbing, make sure it is dry before you store or use the ratchet strap to prevent mildew.


When it comes to storing a ratchet strap, one of the most important things to do is to store it away from sunlight. The UV light from sunlight can cause discoloration and weaken the integrity of the webbing over time, making the ratchet strap brittle and vulnerable to snapping.

Also, make sure to coil the webbing around the ratcheting mechanism. Then secure it in place using a Velcro strap or rubber band or by placing it in a plastic or fabric bag.

Finally, make sure the place where you store them is clean and dry as well.

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