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China Supplier 1.5" 35mm 2Tx6M Ratchet Tie Down Straps for cargo tie

Breaking strength: 2000kg
Ratchet: Steel handle
Metal fittings: double J hook/claw hook/U hook/Wire Hook
Color: Blue/Yellow/Red/Orange/Black...
Customized labels and markings are available
  • TL011015

  • TL

Heavy-Duty Ratchet Straps with Reliable Ratchet Buckles

1.5 inch Heavy Duty Ratchet Strap with Double J Hooks are one of the most commonly used straps for lightweight to 

medium-weight cargo securement. Double J Hooks are one of the most commonly used types of heavy-duty tie-down hardware and are made to be extremely durable. Double J Hooks are used to be able to quickly secure cargo easily to save you time.

2T ratchet straps

Ratchet Straps Diamensions Options

Model of Ratchet strap  Width of webbing(mm) Loading capacity(kg) Assembly MBS(kg) Webbing MBS (kg)
TL25-040 25 400 800 1200/1000
TL25-050 25 500 1000 1500/1250
TL35-075 35 750 1500 2250/1875
TL35-100 35 1000 2000 3000/2500
TL35-150 35 1500 3000 4500/3750
TL50-200 50 2000 4000 6000/5000
TL50-250 50 2500 5000 7500/6300
TL75-350 75 3500 7000 10500/8750
TL100-500 100 5000 10000 15000/12500

How do ratchet straps compare to other cargo securing methods?

Ratchet straps are a popular cargo securing method, but they have both advantages and disadvantages when compared to other cargo securing methods. Here's a comparison of ratchet straps with some common alternatives:

  1. Ratchet Straps vs. Cam Straps:

    • Ratchet Straps: These provide a more secure and tighter hold due to the ratcheting mechanism. They are suitable for heavier loads and long-distance transportation.

    • Cam Straps: Cam straps are easier and quicker to use but may not provide the same level of tension and security as ratchet straps. They are better for lighter loads and shorter distances.

  2. Ratchet Straps vs. Bungee Cords:

    • Ratchet Straps: Ratchet straps offer a much more reliable and secure hold compared to bungee cords. They are suitable for heavy, irregularly shaped, or large loads.

    • Bungee Cords: Bungee cords are elastic and are typically used for lighter items or securing items temporarily. They may not provide the same level of stability as ratchet straps.

  3. Ratchet Straps vs. Chains:

    • Ratchet Straps: Ratchet straps are easier to handle and adjust compared to heavy chains. They are often preferred for securing loads that are sensitive to scratches or damage.

    • Chains: Chains are extremely durable and may be used for very heavy loads or in extreme conditions. However, they can be heavier and less user-friendly.

  4. Ratchet Straps vs. Rope:

    • Ratchet Straps: Ratchet straps are designed specifically for cargo securing and offer more precise tension control. They are often more secure than using rope.

    • Rope: Rope can be versatile but may require specialized knots and techniques for effective cargo securing. It may not offer the same level of control and security as ratchet straps.

  5. Ratchet Straps vs. Nets:

    • Ratchet Straps: Ratchet straps provide point-to-point tensioning, making them suitable for securing individual items. They are ideal for items with defined attachment points.

    • Nets: Cargo nets cover a larger surface area and are better suited for securing multiple items or irregularly shaped loads. They are often used in construction or landscaping.

Ultimately, the choice between ratchet straps and other cargo securing methods depends on the specific requirements of the load, ease of use, and the level of security needed. Ratchet straps are favored for their precise tensioning and secure hold, especially for heavier or more delicate cargo.

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