19 tips for using permanent magnet lifter/magnetic lifter

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Permanent magnet lifter, also known as magnetic cranes and magnetic lifting, use contemporary high-performance magnetic material Ru-Fe-B to make them smaller, lighter, and stronger. With a unique magnetic circuit design, the remanence is almost zero. 

There are 19 safe operation tips of permanent magnet lifter:

1. Check the permanent magnet lifter before use to clean up the particles and attachments on the surface.

2. The permanent magnet lifer of the appropriate specification should be selected according to the weight of the object to be hoisted, and overloading is strictly prohibited. The minimum lifting capacity of the permanent magnet lifter is recommended to be 10% of the rated lifting capacity.

3. When using a permanent magnet lifter, it must be used in conjunction with a crane and comply with the "General Safety Operation Regulations for Hoisting Machinery".

4. Permanent magnet lifter cannot lift items with a thickness of less than 5mm.

5. When working, place the lifter at the center of gravity of the object to be sucked. It is strictly forbidden to hang on a small surface, make sure that the working surface of the lifter is in good contact with the surface of the object to be transported, and then turn the handle to the suction position and lock it, and the lifter enters Sustain working status.

6. When hoisting, the working surface of the lifter should be in good contact with the larger surface of the suckable surface of the workpiece, and attention should be paid to keep the sucked surface clean.

7. If the suction surface area of the lifting object is less than 90% of the magnetic surface area of the permanent magnet crane or there are large-area holes and grooves, sling or wire rope hoisting is preferred.

8. Do not use permanent magnet lifter to lift workpieces longer than 3m.

9. It is strictly forbidden to lift two or more objects at the same time.

10. Before lifting objects, pay attention to that the handles must be locked.

11. Lift the lifter and move it to the desired position. After placing the object steadily, turn the handle by hand to the abandoned iron position. The lifter loses magnetism and separates from the sucked object. It is strictly forbidden to turn the handle before the object is placed stably.

12. When the object is suspended in the air with the lifting device, the lifting height shall not exceed the ankle of the operator.

13. In the process of lifting the workpiece, it is forbidden to stand or cross under the workpiece, and it is strictly forbidden to collide with or be hit by other objects.

14. The permanent magnet lifter works at room temperature and must not absorb high-temperature objects higher than 40°C.

15. After the object moves to the position, the operator shall not let the body be in the stroke route of the jack handle.

16. Put the permanent magnet lifter into the special cart after use, and it is strictly forbidden to put it on the object for a long time.

17. Pay attention to waterproofing and keep the working surface of the magnetic plate under the main body of the lifter flat. Hammering or applying it on the ground is strictly prohibited, so as not to reduce the suction.

18. It is strictly forbidden to place other items on the special cart for permanent magnet lifter.

19. After the operation, the iron filings and other attachments on the surface of the permanent magnet lifter should be cleaned up.

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