What is Rigging in Construction?

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What is Rigging in Construction?

In recent years, China' s rigging industry has developed rapidly but the technical standards are not perfect. Domestic enterprises produce at will or even reduce the safety factor without authorization. Therefore, there are massive potential dangers in China' s lifting safety. For example, there is no standard for transport straps in China. So we must constantly develop the technical cooperation between China and foreign countries, improving relevant technical standards and promulgating relevant mandatory laws and regulations in order to ensure the safety of hoisting and transportation in China.

Standards of the construction rigging

1. Production standard of pipe rope 

The diameter of the wire rope is 13. And the wire must use new national standard steel wire rope. The length of blanking is 7 meters and the dimension after making is around 5 meters. The circumference of rope head is not less than 500mm and compilation length is not less than 200mm.

2. Production standard of ash basin 

Ring material should use round steel Q235 and its diameter should be 20. Additionally, steel plate material should use hot rolled steel sheet Q235 and its thickness should be 5mm. Double-sided welding is used for welding between steel plates and the weld height is 10mm.

3. Production standard of small hanging baskets

Ring material should use round steel Q235 and its diameter should be 16. Moreover, steel plate material should use hot rolled steel sheet Q235 and its thickness should be 5mm. The inner height of the ring should be over 80mm and the external height should be over 120mm. What is more, there is no fewer than seven welding joints between round steels and steel plates.

4. Production standard of block hanging baskets

This basket should use the round steel that has the diameter of 16 and the screw thread steel that has the diameter of 20. At the same time, the welding length should not be less than 20dm.

construction rigging

Introduce of the construction rigging equipment

1. White-brown rope

White-brown rope is generally used for lifting light components such as steel supports and used as cable winds and slip ropes and so on. The white-brown rope is made of sisal-based fibers, which are twisted into strands and then twisted into strands. The white-brown rope has three strands, four strands and nine strands. There are oil immersion and non-oil immersion. Oil-immersed white-brown rope is not easy to rot but the material is hard and not easy to bend. The strength of oil-immersed white-brown rope is 10%-20% lower than that of non-oil-immersed rope, so it is less used in hoisting operation. The non-oil-immersed white-brown rope has better elasticity and strength under dry condition, but it is easy to rot after damp, so its service life is shorter. 


2. Wire rope

Wire rope is a bundle of spiral steel wires that are twisted together according to certain rules, which meets the requirements of mechanical properties and geometric dimensions. The wire rope is composed of steel wire, rope core and grease. Wire rope is a kind of rope which is twisted into strands by many steel wires, centered on the core of the rope and twisted into the spiral by a certain number of strands. In material handling, it is used for lifting, traction, tension and loading. The steel wire rope has the advantages of high strength, light weight, smooth operation and reliable operation. 

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