What are Different Types of Wire Ropes and Chains?

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What are Different Types of Wire Ropes and Chains?

The steel wire rope is processed by wire rope as the raw material. It is mainly used for lifting, pulling, tensioning and carrying ropes. It has the characteristics of high strength, light weight, stable work, and it is not easy to break the whole root. It is widely used in steel and chemical industry. Transportation, port and other industries.

    The chain rigging is a rigging made of metal chain links. According to its formation, there are mainly two kinds of welding and assembly. According to its structure, single and multiple, etc., high-quality alloy steel is used, and its outstanding features are wear resistance and resistance. High temperature, low ductility, no elongation after being stressed. It has a long service life and is easy to bend. It is suitable for large-scale and frequent use. Flexible and multi-limb, multiple combinations can improve work efficiency, reduce costs and so on. Used in steel, chemical, transportation, port and other industries.

Comparison of wire rope and chain


The chain promotion method is dominant. Due to the different structures of the two, the platform plate lifted by the chain can only sway in the front and rear direction, and the front and left and right sides of the lifted steel plate of the wire rope are shaken all the way. At the same time, the same external force of the car plate is used, and the swinging plate of the chain plate is increased. Far less than the lift plate of the wire rope. As a result, the advantages of the chain lifting method are more obvious in equipment installed outdoors.

2. impact.

The chain promotion method is dominant. When the lifting platform is started, the impact is large, and the chain transmission can withstand a large enough impact force without breaking. However, the steel wire rope will be stretched and even knotted under the impact of operation, which affects the accuracy of the lifting operation. When used frequently, it is more likely to break under impact, which reduces the safety and reliability of the equipment. In addition, when the wire rope is damaged or broken, it’s not easy to find.

3. Running noise.

The wire rope lifting method has an absolute advantage. The chain will make a loud sound during the lifting process, especially when the lifting height of the layer is increased to more than three layers, the chain lifting points on the platform plate are not in the same plane as the sprocket on the longitudinal beam, and the teeth are prone to occur. The phenomenon of teeth and even teeth. Under normal circumstances, the lifting of the wire rope board will produce almost no sound during the lifting process.


4. Cost.

In the case of three floors and below, the cost of the chain lifting method is relatively low. The wire rope lifting method of the reel is expensive, and its raised platform is longer. However, after more than three layers, the cost of the wire rope is lower. This is because after the garage is more than three layers, the unit price of the chain is more expensive than that of the steel wire rope, and the consequent lengthening of the stringer and the beam frame will inevitably lead to an increase in cost.

5. Manufacturing and installation.

Chain lifting methods predominate. The chain sprocket drive system is easy to install and safe and reliable. It is the standard mode for existing lifting and traversing parking equipment. Wire rope transmission requires a large volume of reel, which is not only complicated to manufacture but also affects the appearance to a certain extent. The installation may cause knotting or small strand breakage of the rope, which poses a safety hazard.

6. Maintenance and replacement.

Chain lifting methods predominate. In terms of the convenience of maintenance, the chain only needs to replace the damaged chain; the wire rope must be completely replaced; when replacing, the rope head must be pressed on the drum to ensure that the winding is neat and the degree of tightness must be appropriate.

Therefore, no matter the convenience of maintenance and the cost of maintenance, the chain lifting method should be significantly better than the wire rope lifting method. However, the damage of the wire rope (such as: wire jumper, broken wire) is easier to judge.

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