What are Chain Slings?

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What are Chain Slings?

If your job requires a sling that will handle rough, heavy duty lifting as is common in steel fabrication or ship building, Chain Slings may be your best solution.  Slings can be made from many approved materials, such as  Chain - Link & Roller/Metal Mesh/Synthetic - Ropes, Webbing/Fibers.Wire Rope regularly used for Overhead Lifting, generally in conjunction with a crane, powered or manual hoist or some type of lifting device.

Versatility and Durability are reasons that chain slings are Chain slings are known for their durability, versatility and extremely long service life. Used in many different industries -- generally in rough, heavy duty applications, A lifting sling is used with a lifting device or crane to lift objects effectively and safely. Different types of sling are appropriate for different applications, depending on their composition, working load, length, slinging mode and so on.

Here we introduce the type of chain slings and some tips when we keep the slings.

Types of sling


Nylon slings are strong, dense and flexible; they will stretch by approximately 6-8% of their length. However, nylon can absorb liquid, which can affect its strenghten.


Polyester slings are are known as 'web slings' or 'rigging slings' because of their synthetic, web-like composition. Polyester differs from nylon in that its stretch is approximately 3%, and it is safe for use where bleaching agents or acids are present.

Wire rope

Wire ropes are categorised based on the number of wires in a strand and how many strands are wrapped around the core. The more wires there are, the greater the flexibility and resistance to kinks, but also the more liable they are to abrasion wear.


Chain slings are typically suited to more demanding lifting operations. They are usually constructed from Grade 80 or 100 high strength alloy steel and can be designed and fitted to create custom sling assemblies for almost any kind of lift.

chain sling

How to choose Chain slings

the selection of the right sling is based on the following few factors:

The size of the load/The weight of the load/The shape of the load

The temperature and sensitivity of the material being moved/Environmental conditions.etc. Slings are also used in hoisting equipment. Apart from overloading, incorrect use of hoisting equipment (including slings) may lead to either an accelerated speed or a slowdown.Before each use we need start the outcome visual inspection to ensure safety and effectiveness.

People's needs and purposes are different, the choice of slings is also different, combined with the actual situation, access to information, or ask experienced workers to help you choose the sling that is best for you.

Safe use

1. Before using the new sling, check the certificate and try to hang it to confirm safety.

2. During the operation, the lifting point must be confirmed according to the weight, volume and shape of the hanging object and the appropriate slings should be selected.

3. Unmarked slings shall not be used without confirmation, and the rigging components shall be inspected regularly.

4. When lifting components, the components are strictly prohibited from crossing the heads of other workers. Be cautious and pay attention to safety.

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