Some Information about Lifting Chain Details

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Some Information about Lifting Chain Details

Lifting chain is a common type of the transmission device. It’s operating principle is that through the hyperbolic arc of the chain to reduce the friction between the sprocket wheel, which can decline the loss in energy in the process of transmission and achieve higher transmission efficiency. Its use is mainly focused on the situation in which the chains are pretty powerful but the operation speed is slow.

It has a good variety in order to work well in all kinds of environments. So, let we start with the types of lifting chain and we will talk about the details of lifting chain as well.

stainless steel chain

Stainless steel chain is one type of lifting chain which takes stainless steel as the major material. This kind of lifting chain has good resistance against corrosion. Hence, it can be used in high or low temperature. The primary application areas of stainless steel chains are food making and processing industries and so on.

The self-lubricating chain

The necessary material for self-lubricating chain is a special sintered metal impregnated with lubricating oil. The chain made of this kind of metal has the good resistance against swearing and corrosion and can finish self-lubricating so it doesn’t further protection. It is more convenient to use and has a longer working life. Self-lubricating chain is more suitable for wear-resistant requirements, such as streamline of the automatic food production.

The rubber chain

The production method of the rubber chain is to add an u-shaped attachment plate on the outer link of the general chain and to paste all kinds of rubber on the attachment plate. The rubber used in the rubber chain is natural rubber NR or silicone rubber SI and son on. In this way, the chain can achieve better resistance against swear.  And it can also reduce the noise in operation and increase ability to prevent vibration.

lifting chain

High strength chain

High strength chain is specially made with roller. The shape of the chain plate is improved based on the original chain. And high strength chain has outstanding strength of extensions which is 15% to 30% higher than normal strength.

The lifting chain must be used when lifting the goods. It plays a very important role in sending goods to the designated position safely. And order to keep it effective, regular maintenance is necessary.  

Maintenance of lifting chain

Firstly, lifting chain should be used in accordance with the instructions with goods can not be overloaded. And after use, it must be placed in a dry and ventilated place to avoid moisturizing and getting rusty.

The length of the chain is not as long as we want, we must choose the appropriate chain according to the tonnage of the handle hoist and the load. And we must lubricate the gap of the chain during the operation in order to reduce the wear between the inner sleeve of the chain and the gap which can improve the operation efficiency.

 Also, when binding and lifting the goods, we must master the tightness of the chain. If it is too tight, it will aggravate the wear of the chain. If it is too loose, it will lead to fall off of the chain or the goods and pose a threat to personnel safety.

 In the end of the passage, we will introduce the lifting chain from the toplifting. The toplifting has a good variety of lifting chains, and each kind of chains has excellent quality which can fully meet the needs for the manufacturing and working.

lifting chain

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