How to use the magnetic lifter correctly?

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In the process of lifting and handling, the use of magnetic lifter is becoming more and more extensive, and how to use the magnetic lifter correctly has become particularly important.

The correct way to use the magnetic lifter.

1. Put the steel sheet on the workbench, then insert the wrench into the hole, and turn it clockwise 180 degrees to"ON", then it starts to work.

2. Insert the wrench into the hole, turn it counterclockwise 180 degrees to "OFF", and you can take off the steel sheet.

3. The surface of the vacuum suction cup should be wiped clean before use to avoid scratches and affect the accuracy.

4. The use environment between minus 40 degrees and 50 degrees. Forbiden knocking, so it can avoild to affect the magnetic force.

5. The surface is coated with anti-rust oil to prevent corrosion.

Some tips to use the lifting magnet

  1. When using a permanent magnet lifter, you only need to place the permanent lifter on the lifting object, and pull the wrench to the protective buckle to lift it.

  2. There is a special protection buckle to prevent the wrench from being moved, which can prevent the wrench from bouncing back and hurting people during the moving process, ensuring the safety of use.

  3. As the time goes by, the magnetic force will decrease slightly. Check the magnetic force every six months to prevent the sucked material from falling off when lifting the material.

  4. In the process of use, it is inevitable that the solid waste tin plate parts and the west and middle parts of the magnetic lifter surface will be stained with small particles of iron-blood ceramics, and they must be cleaned to ensure that the suction surface is clean and flat as much as possible. The thickness of the rust layer on the surface will seriously affect the durability. A distance of 1mm will reduce the suction by about 30%.

  5. Forbinden to lifting and transporting high-temperature steel plates.( »60℃).  High-temperature will lead to irreversible demagnetization, which will affect the suction and service life of the permanent magnet lifter.

  6. The permanent magnet lifter should be adsorbed on the magnetism-seeking steel plate when non-use, or it should be in the demagnetization position. 

  7. When you lift the large and long lifting object, the permanent magnetic lifter should be placed at the center of the lifting object to prevent the lifting object from turning over and sliding down.

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