How to use Ratchet Straps Correctly&Safety

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How to use the ratchet straps?

  • Step 1: Insert loose end of strap into mandrel of the ratchet

  • Step 2: Pull strap through slot in mandrel

  • Step 3: Pull slack out of strap to make strap tight

  • step 4: Crank the ratchet to desired tightening

  • Step 5: Make sure strap stays in line with other to avoid tangling/locking

  • Step 6: Lock handle down after tightening

How to relase the ratchet straps?

  • Step 1: Pull trigger toward back handle

  • Step 2: Open ratchet all the way

  • Step 3: Webbing should release

  • Step 4: Pull webbing out of mandrel

  • Step 5: Pull trigger to unlock

  • Step 6: Close ratchet back down

How to storage the ratchet straps?

  1. Moisture – Storing ratchet straps is a place where they are exposed to moisture can cause it to mold and mildew. Mold can extremely weaken the strength of the webbing and the polyester can actually be destroyed, even in heavy-duty straps. This is a problem many people run into when choosing to store their ratchet straps in the back of their truck. This is also something to be aware of when using the straps in the rain – always ensure they are able to dry before putting them away.

  2. Direct Sunlight – Ratchet straps should always be stored in a dark, dry place away from direct sunlight. When exposed to harmful UV rays, they can get sun damaged – you’ll notice this by seeing the color of the strap fade.

  3. Friction & Heat – Exposer to heat, such as the sun, fire, or other heat sources can cause weakening issues. This can also occur if the straps rub against a sharp edge or other objects while in use. If you notice any burn marks in your straps, they must immediately be placed out of service.

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