How Much Do You Know about the Jack?

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How Much Do You Know about the Jack?

As the name implies, jack is a toll that can lift very heavy things up. As you know, a lot of heavy objects can only be used when the helicopters come to raise the weight, but the birth of the hydraulic jack can make this process easier, it is not only simple in structure, but easy for users to carry, and people can often take a walking hydraulic jack, whose effect is very good. In that case, hydraulic jack in our life plays a large role. 

1、 The working principle and functions of the hydraulic jack

People using hydraulic jack need to repeatedly shake the handle, and then the manual oil pump will continuously towards the oil cylinder hydraulic jack put pressure in oil. With the pressure rising ceaselessly, the piston of hydraulic jack will rise, if put weight on the piston top of live, the weight will be lifted up, if you want to put down the weight, you only need to open the oil return valve. In fact, the principle of hydraulic jack is a principle of pressure, and then through the wrench rotation we can control the pressure of the liquid, hydraulic jack maintenance attention matters, and then caused the hydraulic jack of the piston began to move, which let people with little force can lift up the weight of jacks. 

Generally the design of the hydraulic jack is compact. Its working performance is really stable, which basically can hold the function of self-locking hydraulic jack, so it is widely used. Hydraulic jack owns the best quality materials manufacturing, or if the quality of the hydraulic jack does not pass, it will easily lead to personnel casualties. Besides, the stable quality has the ability to ensure the use time of life of hydraulic jack. In addition, in the use of hydraulic jack, individuals are expected to understand the hydraulic jack can bear the weight and weight of heavy weight, never exceed the hydraulic jack can bear the load, otherwise it is easy to cause dangerous situation, and even cause casualties.

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2、 The application field of hydraulic jack

First, the car needs a tire change or repair.

In fact, every car is equipped with a jack, put in the trunk. By opening the cover of the trunk pad, you can see the jack, the car equipped with the jack is mainly rack type, easy to tighten the arm, complete the lifting work, help the car to repair and change tires and others work. When lifting the car, we should pay attention to the jack top to the place, it should stop too top to fragile parts, otherwise easily to cause car chassis deformation and damage, and it will have a certain impact on the car's beauty and performance.

Second, lift heavy objects.

When handling heavy objects, hydraulic jack has played a very big role. Especially when the weight has a level that the human cannot achieve, jack goes to the battle. Jack has a lot of kinds, for example, hydraulic jack, thin jack also applied in different areas, where the relatively narrow, can use thin jack, because it is more flexible and can work in a smaller place when handling heavy objects, the efficiency is relatively high.

3、The classification of jack

According to the structural characteristics, it can be divided into rack jack, screw jack and hydraulic jack. 

Hydraulic Bottle Jack

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